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Apparel Buying House in India - Process Stages. Our Business Services are as under


  1. Sample display (salesman): The made forms of garment are presented to the customer as per the requirements of the customer. It is basically the salesmanship that plays an important role in the selling of the garment. This involves the talent and capability to convince the customer in purchasing the garment sample display, it also depends on the latest trends / colors and patterns which run in the market making of sample to tbe presented to the buyer depends on the style / make of the garment. As manufacturing (quality) is very omportant. The seasons that basically buyers work on are for :AUTUMN/WINTER AND SPRING/SUMMER
  2. SAMPLE SELECTION: Sample selection depends on the buyer. The buyer work on the season ahead, therfore if the buyers are working on AUTUMN/WINTER they look for heavy quality fabric which are DENIM/twill/canvas/heavy jersey/fleece/brished etc and dark colors. The kind of garments for winter is jackets, long sleeve etc. The kind of garments for this season are short-sleeve, sleeveless, shorts etc.
    Another factor is whether the customer is for ladies/men/ children wear or outerwear. Also the segemnt like knitted or Woven
  3. Style and Fabric Involved: The style of the garment depends on the quality of the fabric, i.e if you have heavy quality of fabric we cannot make shorts as the purpose of shorts is to be worn during summer. Garments for Childrenwear decides the quality of the fabric to be used. It is also advisable to use only soft cotton fabrics for children. The qulaity of fabric and styling also changes from season to season for European and American market.
  4. Price Factor: Plays a very important role in the placing of the orders. The prices have to be very competitive prices cannot be on the higher side due to which the company will not be in the position to get orders. Similarly the company also cannot under quote the garment since it will be difficult for the company to abosorb the loss.
When a price is quoted following factors are taken into consideration: Average pf the garment Fabric price Accessories Packing Cut make Washing Embrodied / Print Profit and overheads

Fabric and Trims : When a sampling is given

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