FETA a well establishes Buying Agents in india managing the supply chain for all your needs in garments, home textiles, furnishings, handicrafts and fashion accessories. Going with FETA ensures that you get the best deal within the best time frame.

We are Buying Agent in India and Quality is our priority. This attitude has enabled us to achieve a high level of customer appreciation that creates a goodwill for us in the market.

FETA is an India origin based, sourcing organization that specializes in Apparel, Home Textiles, Furnishings, Handicraft and Fashion Accessories. FETA is a Company which is been in operation over the last 10 years and has developed into full service provider for the Purchasing Department of International Department stores , mail order houses, recognized wholesale importers & a selected group of qualified bulk Buyers.

We spare no effort or cost in bringing our customers the best product and service level that satisfy their short and long-term interests. We as a Buying office offer the entire range of procurement services: from compiling-according to customer preferences through sourcing , sampling and production all the way up to packing and delivery of ordered Merchandise.

We represent some of the most distinguished mail order, retailers, wholesalers and designer brands in the European Union. Working in close partnership with these customers, we have built a reputation for supplying them with high quality merchandise - on time and to specification. We achieve this through our constant diligence in selecting and supervising producers from all over India.

The expanding FETA sourcing network

FETA gives you peace of mind at every step, from compliance to final shipping. Is Our professionalism, attention to policy guidelines and sense of involvement is apparent throughout our organisation. Our head office is located in Mumbai, India and we have branch offices in New Delhi, Bangalore and Colombo.

In every market, we encourage our suppliers to share our standards of quality, cost-effectiveness and timeliness. We also evaluate and upgrade them in line to our customer requirements. At the same time, we continuously introduce new ideas, unique finishes and dynamic manufacturing approaches. The result FETA Standard is designed to give you maximum service and customer satisfaction.


Apart from having sharp management skills, excellent sourcing means, identifying the most promising providers of quality and service at the local level. This is one of FETA's strengths - Our long-term relationship with local suppliers motivates them to do a superior job for us - and for you.

Our supplier base includes a wide variety of design-driven manufacturers. This allows us to provide you with cutting-edge fashion trends and quality materials at competitive prices. Our customized approach and geographical presence also helps you to rapidly resolve any design, quality and lead time concerns. The FETA service also includes all stages in supply chain management.

Bringing the 'newness' from all of our markets to your doorstep

  • Compliance - we follow all guidelines so that manufacturing is done with a social conscience and according to local/International laws. Sourcing - we find you the right supplier and assist you in getting the best specifications/ materials/ prices /and delivery times.
  • R&D - we work closely with you on all technical aspects to ensure that together we can build the best value-for-money package.
  • Production and Follow-up - you stay fully updated at every production step, tracking progress and being alerted for critical issues.
  • Quality Assurance - Our skilled specialists help manufacturers in each market to implement quality processes that strive to deliver first-rate products every time.
  • Final Shipping - we are aware in various types of shipping arrangements covering Sea / Air / surface transportation / Insurances.

As buying agent FETA is in strong position to handle departmental stores/mail order companies and wholesaler and importers. Our area of specialization are as follows:

1. Garments for Men, Ladies and Children
2. Fashion Accessories and Jewellery, in various fancy metal inlaid semi-precious stones and other beads
3. Home Furnishings